Who we are

  • Jhon Moreno-Vicepresidente de Educacion y Cultura, Fundación Colombo Americanos Unidos, Eccehomo Guzman- Vicepresidente Fundación Colombo Americanos Unidos, Ana Milena Urrutia-Embajadora de Colombia en Washington, D.C., , Tatania De German-Ribon- Secretaria de Cultura de la Embajada, Cristobal Ospina, miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Fundación Colombo Americanos Unidos


Help strengthen individuals and Colombo American organizations reach their full potential.


Being one of the leading organizations nationwide (US) recognized for their extensive contributions, assistance to the needy, leadership and sincere, genuine and transparent actions to the community at large and especially to the American Colombo community approach in the United States and in Colombia.

Objectives :

Strengthen American Colombo individuals and organizations through service actions, guidance and facilitate negotiations. Assist in the strengthening of the family and conjugal nucleus through workshops and specialized programs. Encourage leadership, service and vocation for community service through constant participation in pro-community activities. We also encourage service through specialized seminars. Do every month some social work to strengthen the most vulnerable sectors of society, such as the elderly, blind, children and youth with physical or mental problems. Promote businesses or professions of members of the foundation to thereby strengthen their businesses and professional efforts. Support and celebrate culture and Colombian folklore in the United States through cultural events, fairs, forums and concerts. Promote trade between Colombia and the United States through the implementation of forums and seminars to explain and encourage entrepreneurs to participate in the advantages offered by the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Support the mission of other American Colombo organizations through strategic alliances. Develop focused on newcomers to the United States for its coupling process easier and enjoyable Colombian programs.


Under the provisions of Chapter 496 Florida Statutes, all charitable organizations intending to solicit contributions from the public in Florida must annually register with the Division of Consumer Services of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Find our Department of Agriculture Registration here.