San Antonio, TX

June 12, 2013

 Dear Mr. Hugo Arce and new members of the board of the American States Colombo Foundation – chapter San Antonio , Texas for the period 20130-2014 . Through this they express our deepest appreciation in your interest to participate as founding fathers of the opening chapter of the foundation Colombo American States in Texas. This facility will be held on August 3 , 2013. The new board and Colombo chapter of the American Foundation in San Antonio , Texas know it will be a success for the Colombian and Hispanic community in Texas. We will be driving that installation of the board within the framework of the Futsal Cup in the city of San Antonio , Texas ( )

Thank you very much!


Cristóbal Ospina Silvestre  –     Vice President                                  

Alfred Santamaria – President


San Antonio, Texas

Board of American States Chapter Colombo Foundation San Antonio , Texas

Hugo Arce Sr.

Evelia Arce

Hugo Arce Jr

Zulma Murillo

Marcelo Gomez

Jairo Rios

Gabriel Martinez

Carmen Martinez

Jaime Becerril (Telemundo)

Rafael Carderera ( Univision)

Ernesto Brux

Leticia Navia Aleman

Luis Ochoa